Dog Photo Shoot in Sugarcreek, Ohio

This photo shoot was so much fun! (but what else would hanging out with three beautiful dogs be?) Lacie’s girls were so well behaved and such a delight to work with! (and by work I mean play). You could without a doubt see the love and respect all of the girls have for Lacie. I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to snap this photo; getting a photo of multiple dogs behaving and looking in the same general direction at the same exact time is quite the task. However, these girls (and Lacie) made my job easy!

Meet Rue! A Sharpei Terrier rescue mix. This girl was so sweet, and attached to Lacie’s hip! Lacie warned that Rue could be shy at first. However, my experience with her was so full of affection and kisses! She was a tad camera shy at first but she did warm up to it and I ended up with some beautiful images!

Meet Becca, an Australian Shepherd rescue. She is so full of character and life. After being greeted with lots of love, it took almost no time for me to become familiarized with her adventurous nature. Between carrying around sticks as big as her body and laying down in the creek, she was nothing short of entertaining (and photogenic to boot!).

Meet Lucy! A blue nose pit-bull beauty. Out of any dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, she was the most laid back. One of my favorite parts of this photo shoot was walking the hillside with her and hanging out in the field. She is very willing to please but at the same time she’s independent. I often found her wondering off and just walking alongside the creek. Lacie explained to me that because of her chest and her head being so big, it was hard for her to sit. But in willingness for treats and an eagerness to please, she was more than prepared to have a seat and wait patiently for some carrots!

Overall, I had such a fun time with these adventurous ladies and Lacie! I cannot wait for more camera time (and play time) with them!



Becoming a Professional Dog Photographer

As far back as 12 years old, I remember constantly taking pictures. I would always take walks to the park or any outdoor area close enough photographing everything I could. Often these photography walks would include a dog by my side – the two quickly became the most prominent things in my life.

For my dog lovers:

I began with nature photography, and after taking a photography class that blossomed into portrait photography which included senior photos and modeling portfolios. Nature photography continued as my favorite hobby though, and over time turned into photography adventures with my dogs. Which brings me to my inspiration…

Meet Dash.

My soul exists in his eyes. The well-known rescue dog saying: “I don’t know who saved who” is one of the first things that come to mind when I think of Dash. The way he loves and his intense desire for adventure – it makes my heart overflow.

He is incredibly photogenic. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been able to stop photographing him since the day I met him. I realized I was able to capture his lively personality and his pure heart in a photograph, not only to share it with anyone at any given time – but to keep it in my pocket forever.

It was then that I knew that this was what I was meant to do.

For my aspiring professional photographers:

In order to begin this venture, I needed one thing that I didn’t have – money. Once I saved up and was able to afford my first camera and all the necessary equipment – it hit me.

This is happening.
My dream is becoming a reality.

Next was building a portfolio. I reached out to every dog owner I knew and offered my services. (The most fun part, in my opinion.) On top of doing my research on what type of camera and what type of lens I needed, I had to not only purchase Photoshop, I had to experiment and learn how to use it.

After my portfolio was completed, I looked into having my very own business webpage created. That’s where the fun happened; I was able to be creative in coming up with a name, a logo, the colors and the photo placements.

Onto social media. Marketing in social media is like a whole new world. Research was important when it came to this. Network, network, network. That is how I got my first paying customer.

My advice to my fellow photographers who want to turn their hobby into a business is to do your research, make a plan, and execute it. The photography industry is not an easy one so be ready to face several trials and tribulations without hesitation.

As an introvert, I had to learn – and am still learning – how to market myself. To run a successful business you can’t be afraid of putting yourself out there.

“Great things never came from comfort zones.”